Alex Sami

Mr. Sami began his career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, then as a Police Officer with the Aurora Police Department, and finally as a Special Agent with The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mr. Sami is a Law Enforcement Professional offering approximately 12 years of a strong Law Enforcement background with management experience, and valuable critical language skills.  He is highly trained in various defensive tactics, firearms skills, emergency driving skills, and effective communication and De-escalation techniques.
He is a dedicated, proactive law enforcement professional with experience in recruiting, training, and motivating and managing teams.  Throughout his career he gained a strong reputation with diverse contacts in the law enforcement field and within the community.  He has specialized training in interview and interrogation, surveillance and covert operations, undercover high profile drug operations, and special weapons and tactics (S.W.A.T).

Mr. Sami participated in high profile events while employed with the FBI and Aurora Police Department, such as the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, and as Executive Protection for the Secretary of Labor, along with various undercover assignments.

Mr. Sami participated in the FBI's largest gang and drug investigation in Colorado's history and has received numerous awards for his actions and service.  He is a recognized and outstanding leader that is highly motivated and reliable with a reputation for honesty, loyalty, integrity and professionalism.

A few of his many qualifications and specialized training include:

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***Mr. Sami is also an active member of Ex-FBI